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Release v28


OvermindJS ยท

Jun 24th, 2021

This release is considered a "breaking cleanup release". There are some minor breaking changes, but also one big breaking change related to typing. Migration guide. Full release notes.


  • The context of actions now has reaction, addMutationListener and addFlushListener
  • We now have a branch operator which works like pipe, but it returns its input, allowing you to effectively branch out logic or just run a single action passing through the input
  • overmind-graphql now supports raw queries and mutations


  • The typing approach has been simplified and also allows generic typing of actions
  • There is no more useOvermind hook, use specific hooks for your needs
  • The useAppState hook allows a callback that isolates tracking of changes
  • The statemachines API now has a strict declarative signature and a flexible functional signature
  • No more separate onInitialize, rather an action called onInitializeOvermind, exported with the rest of your actions
  • Actions are now interoperable with operators, which has led to removing some operators in favor of just using the plain action signature
  • The standalone devtools now runs on latest Electron, supporting Mac M1 machines


  • overmind-react implementation has been simplified and now supports fast refresh