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Release V27


OvermindJS ยท

Jan 23rd, 2021

This is not a major release. GitHub created new constraints on the name of tags, causing this release to be treated as part of the previous release as well... which was breaking.


  • Vue 3 related API is now exported from overmind-vue/vue3. docs
  • You can now use Date, Set and Map as values and replacement of those values is tracked. Note! Changes to sets and maps are not tracked
  • createOvermindMock has an addition to its signature to perform initial state modification. Docs


  • Issue with process not being available with certain build tools
  • Circular dependency that some build tools would notify about
  • SSR memory leak. In SSR mode Overmind does not cache proxies
  • Allow merge only with onInitialize
  • Fixed issue with statechart matches API
  • Scrolling on Flush tab of devtools


  • Using new API for VSCode to load resources in extension