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Release V25


OvermindJS ยท

Aug 6th, 2020

New async JSON messaging with devtools and support for React concurrent mode


  • The statemachines API has changed
  • Support strict and concurrent mode in React


  • Communication with devtools in now through the "non-blocking-json" package. There are more improvements coming here
  • Improve async flush by checking parent execution
  • Statemachines now shows warning when trying to transition to invalid state, in dev
  • Statemachines now has a simplified API to become more usable


  • Fixed issue with merge config
  • Fix issue with React Native not having access to location
  • Fix crash in proxy-state-tree related to undefined values
  • Fix catching errors in dev, preventing errors from coming through
  • Fix issue in devtools with statemachine as root, it broke state updates
  • Next.JS now properly serializes mutations


  • The experimental revertable is removed due to stringify issues and also not turning out as expected