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Release v23


OvermindJS ยท

Mar 1st, 2020

This version is only breaking because we are now properly emitting mutation events when the mutation is actually occurred. This should not affect your app. Remember when upgrading that all packages needs to install @latest.


  • You can now customize the delimiter Overmind uses to define state paths. This allows your state keys to contain .. docs
  • Derived functions can now be added and removed dynamically
  • Typescript can now define derived with a function, derived, this gives a more natural typing experience with the new dynamic derived. docs
  • New Graphql effects API with subscriptions. docs


  • The state documentation has been rewritten to more clearly differentiate what is the state tree and what are values in that state tree. docs
  • Effects proxying for devtools should now handle any definition of an effect


  • When you merge state with getters works as intended
  • The Date instance is now considered a literal value, meaning it is not wrapped in a proxy
  • Statmachine reset works as intended
  • Fixed issue with destructuring on Safari
  • The devtools now properly reconnects after hibernation
  • Fixed issue with merging state containing getters
  • Derived should now update properly in the devtools


  • Old Graphql config factory API